Do you post on Facebook and Instagram for your Business?

Do you find yourself searching through your posts to see if a post you want to post was already posted?

Do you know which posts you do are performing better than others and why?

If you answered "YES" then this is a planner you NEED.

This is a FABULOUS Planner to keep all your posts organized BUT that is not all!

This planner has directions and ideas on how to use the planner.
You have a page of #Holidays. Yes, it's true social media now has hashtag holidays. Keep your business relevant by posting with the #holiday.

You get:
"Businesses to Follow" pages. Find pages in your niche and write down what hashtags they are using.

"Hashtag Brainstorming" pages to brainstorm hashtags for a topic that fits your business.
TIP: When posting on Instagram you should only post 3 hashtags on the post and then up to 27 hashtags in the comments. NO more than 30
hashtags on a post. It looks spammy.

"Big Ideas" pages. Use this page to help you get all your ideas out on to paper. You know how you have all these ideas swirling around in your head? Now you can get them all organized on paper. (Visit my Facebook page, Driven Diva Planner and see how the author of Pickles the Dog children's book used this page to create chapter ideas for her next book.)

Facebook Posting for 12 months
Instagram Posting for 12 months
You have space to write down up to 5 posts a day.
When you have all your posts in one organized place you can easily see if you posted previously, you can see what kinds of posts people are reacting to and interacting with the most. This gives you a better idea of how to post on your social media pages.

The Driven Diva Social Media Deluxe Planner is 184 pages.

When printed it is 92 pages.


Social Media Planner Deluxe Version

Pink Deluxe Social Media Planner: Pink
Blue Deluxe Social Media Planner: Blue
    • Facebook - Black Circle